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Entering The New Normal, The East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority Conduct A Rapid Test Of All Employee

NTT AKTUAL. KUPANG. Enteriting of new normal custom adaptation phase, the East Nusa Tenggara Provinci Financial Service Authority in collaboration with Kimia Pharma held a rapid test for all empployee and stakeholders of the East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority, Thursday 2 July 2020.

Documentation by Public Relation of The East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority

This activity is part of an effort to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19). The rapid test is carried out simultaneous in Financial Service Authority Office in Indonesian starting from 1 – 3 July 2020.

The rapid test expected to provide preliminary information about the health conditions of imployee in order to continue to do a good job and ensure they are ready to work amid the covid-19 pandemic, this is indeed not to diagnose covid-19 directly, but to so see the antibody response that is present in the body of every employee of the East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority. The measurement result will be an early detection for Futher tests (Swab Test), and it is certain that all employee are in good health before conducting a rapid test.

Documentation by Public Relation of The East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority

The implementation of rapid test is one of the efforts of the Financial Service Authority to the prevent the spread of covid-19.

In addition health protocol are applied in the enviroment of the East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority, inculiding the provision of handwashing places at several points of office locations, placement of hand sanitaizers, mandatory use of mask and several other things wich has been incruted by the government in acordance with the health protocol, with the hope that all efforts that have been made can prevent the spread covid-19. (*/Red)

Source : Press Realizing Public Relation of The East Nusa Tenggara Financial Service Authority

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Kupang City Government Intensively Fix The Tourism Sector In New Normal Time

NTT AKTUAL. KUPANG CITY. Kupang city Government intensively fix the tourism sector in new normal times as of the leading sectors of the region during the new normal periode. A number of activities held to ensure that the businnes people in the sector were realy ready to run their businnes amid Covid-19 pandemic. One of is them is to prepare tour quide to promote exiting tourist destinations. Previosly the tourism Departement of the City Of Kupang has also held training in the management of the tourist lodge home stay.

The Mayor of Kupang, Dr. Jefristston R. Riwu Karo, MM., MH, when opening a tour quide training in the management of tourist destinations in the city of Kupang, Wednesday 1 July 2020 at the Neo Aston Kupang hotel conveyed the tourism of Kupang city has experienced quite severe challanges over the past three months due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The Mayor city of Kupang, Dr Jefriston R. Riwu Kore, MM.MH, when opening the activity of a tour guide in the management of tourism destinations the city of Kupang, Wednesday 1 July 2020. Documentation : Leadership Communication Protocol (LCP) the regional secretary of Kupang City

Tourism sector activities suffer from a vacuum because they have to adjust to the social restrictions imposed by the government, in order to narrow the scope of this epidemic transmission however, with the start of the adaptation of the new habits that the government has implied recently. All as pacts of life are encourage to be productive in the midst of a pandemic while still tightening health protocols so that they remain safe from transmission of the virus.

“We know very well because covid-19 so many impact that we feel, both individuals and in the businnes world such as hospitaly destinations that realy together revive businnes and tourism industries that are stuck or not running durring covid-19,” He added.

The Mayor added that in achieving the ideal governance of tourist destinations it was necessary to pay attention to several things such us the potential approach and characterics of the destination itself, community empowerment and the factor of the network of supporting facilities as well as the adaptation of new normalcy.

Documentation : Leadership Communication Protocol (LCP) The regional secretary of Kupang City

On the same accasion the Mayor invited all parties to continue to pay atention to security and health aspects so that they remain productive and save in the mids of a pandemic. He also hoped that the training on the management of tourist destinations to be carried out was put the good use and improved welfare for the people of the Kupang.

Head of tourism resources and creative economy Departement Tourism Of City of Kupang, Dra. Maria Fernandez as the committee explained, the training of tour guides for governance of Non- physical special budget funds for the 2020 fiscal year for tourism managers spread in Kupang city was carried out from July 1, 2020 until July 3, 2020. Purpose of this training is to develop or foster destination governance in preparing them selves for a new normal era.

In addition, according to him, this training can encourage excellent service in facing a new normal era by using the covid- 19 protocol. He added that tourism destination governance requires exploration of values, locality, balance of leadership and acountability in order to create quality destination. Special non- physical allocation fund that have been allocated aim to support the improvement of tourist attraction services and increase that capacity of tourism human resources on the face of facing a new normal era.

This activity presented a number of resource person, inculiding the changelor of arta wacana christian university, Dr. Ayub U. I. Meko, MSi., observer of tourism, Fellyanus Haba Ora, S. Pt., M.Si., Commensioner of the East Nusa Tenggara Public Information commission, Pius Rengka, SH., M.Sc., Head Of the Tourism city of Kupang, Yanuar Dally, SH, M.Si., Economic practitioner of widya mandiri university, Dr. Henny Manafe, SE., MM and chair of the Indonesian Trevel Association East Nusa Tenggara, Abednego Frans.(*LCP_chr/ans/ech/Red)

Source : Leadership Communication Protocol (LCP) The regional secretary of Kupang City

Editor : Nataniel Pekaata

Ahead the 58 Th Anniversary, NTT Bank Held Various Social Actions

NTT AKTUAL. KUPANG. In order to welcome the 58 Th anniversary of NTT Bank on 17 July 2020, the NTT Bank is actively holding various social actions road show activities.

NTT Bank Office

The are several social activities carried out the NTT Bank, including by providing ways to the hospital in the form of personal protective equiment in the form of masks and face shield whice are expected to help medical staff to serve in pandemic (Covid-19).

Documentation by Public Relation NTT Bank

The first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) submission on June 24, 2020 at hospital St. Carolus Barromeus in the city of Kupang along with the management where 1.250 masks and 25 face shield were given.

Documentation by Public Relation NTT Bank

Furthermore, on June 25, 2020, the second method was submitted by an independent NTT Bank Comminsioner accompained by the acting implementer Director the President NTT Bank, Alex Riwu Kaho and general Director to the Director of Kupang General Hospital W.Z Yohanes of Kupang along with deputy directors of 1.500 maks and 25 face shields.

Documentation by Public Relation NTT Bank

Not only that on 29 June 2020 the next way was also given by the NTT Bank to the local public Hospital SK. Lerik in the city of kupang was received directly by the Mayor of Kupang at the local public hospital SK. Lerik in the city of Kupang accompanied by the Regional Director of the local public Hospital SK. Lerik and the Kupang City Health Departement  the submission of 1.500 masks and 25 face shields was carried out by the managing action implementer Director of the NTT Bank Director, Alex Riwu Kaho.

Social action road show the next anniversary of NTT Bank 58 Th, namely blood donation action held on July 3, 2020 at the Indonesian Red Cross Office start from 9-12 AM, Is expected to the communities around the City of Kupang and sourronding  areas can be participate in the activity because the speack of blood we donate can save many lives.  For donors, there will be souvenirs directly from the NTT Bank.

Another social action from the NTT Bank was to participate in the CSR movement of the Green Kupang which is a program, namely is donating 5 trambests trees, 5 almond tress and 5 flamboyant tress. (*/Red)

Source: Press Realizing Public Relation NTT Bank

Editor: Nataniel Pekaata